Share a Page or Blog Post

You can use the 'Share' option in Confluence to email anyone a link to a page or blog post. The recipients can be Confluence users or any email address(es).

To share a link to a Confluence page or blog post:

  1. Go to the page or blog post you wish to share
  2. Choose Share

    (info) The Share button will only visible if your Confluence administrator has configured an outgoing mail server for your Confluence site.

  3. Enter a username, group or email address, and select the appropriate user, group or email address from the list of suggestions
    Repeat this process to add multiple recipients to the list.
  4. Enter an optional message into the Note box
  5. Choose Share to send the link via email

In addition to an email, Confluence users will also receive a notification in their Confluence workbox. See  Workbox Notifications .

(info) To remove a recipient from the list, choose the delete icon to the right of the recipient.

Last modified on Dec 2, 2015

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