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This page is about Confluence mobile web. If you're a Confluence Cloud customer, head over to our Cloud documentation to find out about the Confluence Cloud app for iOS and Android.

When you access Confluence on a mobile device, you'll see a version of Confluence which is optimized for mobile viewing. Confluence chooses the mobile or desktop interface based on your device, but you can still switch to the desktop site on your mobile by choosing menu  then choosing Switch to desktop version.

You can also swap from the desktop view to the mobile view if you're on a mobile device, by choosing Switch to Confluence Mobile at the top of the page.

On your supported mobile device, you can:

  • View the Confluence dashboard, pages, blog posts, and user profiles.
  • Add or reply to a comment on a page or blog post.
  • Like a page, blog post or comment.
  • Watch a page or blog post.
  • See your notifications and tasks.

You can't add or edit pages or blog posts, or edit existing comments, using the mobile interface.

On this page:

The dashboard – the first thing you see

Choose a tab to see:

  • Popular content – what people like in your wiki.
  • Recent blogs – the latest blog posts.
  • Network – updates by people in your network.

Tap the links to view the full content of a page, blog post or comment.


Searching for content and people

Tap the menu icon  to open the menu panel on the left of the page. Then type text or a person's name in the Search box. The mobile interface offers the quick navigation search, which returns matches on page title only. (See Search.) To use the full search, switch to desktop mode.

Viewing pages, blog posts and comments

Tap a link on the dashboard or on any other page. Confluence will display the linked page, blog post or comment.

You can:

  • View the content, tap a link to move to another page, and interact with the page using the standard functionality supported by mobile browsers.
  • Like or unlike a page, blog post or comment.
  • Watch or stop watching a page or blog post.
  • Add or reply to a comment. 

Viewing people's profiles

Search for a person's name, then view that person's user profile. Tap the options to phone, SMS or email a colleague directly from your mobile device.

Following up on notifications

You can view and respond to your notifications on your phone or other mobile device. Tap the menu icon  to open the menu panel on the left of the page. Choose Notifications, and tap a notification to see its details. You can reply, watch or like via the inline actions. Tap Open to open the page or blog post in a new page. For full details, see Workbox Notifications.

Viewing tasks

You can view and manage your tasks on your phone or other mobile device too. Tap the menu icon  to open the menu panel on the left of the page. Choose Tasks then tap a task to see its details. 

More things you may need to know

Some macros may not appear

Confluence macros are not yet fully supported in Confluence mobile. If you view a page that contains an unsupported macro, you will see a message inviting you to click through to the desktop version of the page.

Screenshot: Macro not rendered in Confluence mobile

Administrators can disable Confluence mobile on your site

The mobile functionality is provided by a system add-on called the 'Confluence Mobile Plugin'. To remove the functionality from your site, you can disable the plugin.

In Confluence versions 5.9 and above, disabling the Confluence Mobile Plugin will also disable the Workbox - Host Plugin plugin. This issue is being tracked at CONF-40782 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Native Confluence mobile app

The Confluence iOS app is available for Confluence Cloud sites only. It cannot be used with Confluence Server.

You can access Confluence Server on any device using a browser. Confluence will detect your device's size and switch to the mobile web version when necessary.

See Supported Platforms for supported mobile browsers.


Last modified on Jul 9, 2017

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