Configuring the Recommended Updates Email Notification

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Confluence sends a regular email report to subscribers, containing the top content that is relevant to the person receiving the message, from spaces they have permission to view. This is called the 'Recommended Updates' notification.

If you have Confluence Administrator or System Administrator permissions, you can configure the default settings that determine how often the Recommended Updates notification is sent. When new users are added to Confluence, the default settings will be applied to their user profiles.

Confluence users can choose their personal settings, which will override the defaults. See Email Notifications.

Initial settings of the defaults

When you install Confluence, the initial values of the default settings are as follows:

  • The default frequency is weekly.
  • If your Confluence site has public signup enabled, the Recommended Updates notification is disabled by default. If public signup is not enabled, the notification is enabled by default.

You can change the above settings, specifying a different default value for the site.


  • The Recommended Updates notification is sent only to people who have a user profile in Confluence. If your Confluence site uses external user management, such as LDAP, then people will receive the report only after they have logged in for the first time. (The first login creates their user profile.)
  • The daily email message is sent at 1 p.m. in the user's configured time zone.
  • The weekly email message is sent at 1 p.m. on Thursdays in the user's configured time zone.

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Configuring the Recommended Updates notification

You can set the default send option (send / do not send) and the default schedule (daily or weekly).

To configure the Recommended Updates email notification:

  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration
  2. Click Recommended Updates Email in the left-hand panel.

Disabling the Recommended Updates notification for the entire site

You can also turn off the recommended updates notification for the entire site, by disabling the 'Confluence daily summary email' system app. See Disabling and enabling apps.

Last modified on Apr 13, 2021

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