Restricted Functions in Confluence Data Center

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There are some features that are disabled or limited in clustered Confluence Data Center installations. This is to ensure the integrity and performance of your cluster. 

The current restricted functions are:

Restricted functionData Center StatusExplanation

Workbox plugins

Available from 5.7

The workbox provides notifications collected from Confluence page watches, shares, and mentions. This is disabled in Confluence Data Center 5.6 to ensure notifications are correctly handled across the cluster.

Disabled plugins included Workbox common plugin, Workbox Jira provider plugin, Workbox confluence provider plugin, Workbox host plugin. You will not be able to enable these plugins in the universal plugin manager.

Confluence Quick Reload Plugin

Available from 5.6.3

The quick reload function notifies users when a new comment has been added to a page they are currently viewing.

This is disabled in Confluence Data Center 5.6 and 5.6.1 for performance reasons. You will not be able to enable the Confluence Quick Reload Plugin in the universal plugin manager.

See CONF-34680 - Getting issue details... STATUS for more info.

Application links authentication:

  • Basic access (http)
  • Trusted Applications


When creating Application links to other applications (for example Jira) Basic HTTP and Trusted Applications authentication is not supported for Confluence Data Center.

All application links must use OAuth authentication in a cluster.

Confluence Usage Stats plugin

The Confluence Usage Stats plugin provides space activity information for a space (statistics). This is disabled by default in Confluence Server and should not be enabled in Confluence Data Center.
Scheduled jobs history and status

On the Scheduled Jobs page in the Confluence Data Center administration console you will not be able to access the last execution time or history for each job. The page will also only show the configured status (scheduled or disabled) of each job, and will not indicate when a job is in progress.

Remember me on by default

Remember me on the log in page is enabled by default (and does not appear) to allow users to move seamlessly between nodes. You can use the cluster.login.rememberme.enabled system property to override the default and show the checkbox - users will be prompted to log in to another node if their current node is unavailable.

Last modified on Apr 13, 2021

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