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When you configure an incoming link with an external application, you allow this application to access Confluence data, which means that Confluence acts as the OAuth provider. To learn more about the type of links and additional details, see Linking to Another Application.

To create an incoming link:

  1. Go to Administration  > General Configuration > Application links.

  2. Select Create link.

  3. Select External application, and then choose Incoming as the direction.

  4. Fill in the details as described in the sections below.

In this type of link, you only need to provide the Redirect URL (also known as Callback URL) from your external application. After authorizing the application, the user will be redirected to this URL with the authorization code.

Select permissions the application can have on your instance. You can choose the following permission scopes:

  • Read

  • Write

  • Admin

  • System admin

Note that even if you grant higher permissions, the application won’t be able to do more than the user authorizing it. For more info on what each of these scopes do, see OAuth 2.0 scopes for incoming links.

After providing the Redirect URL and selecting the scopes, Confluence will generate the OAuth credentials that include these details. You need to copy the credentials to your external application to complete the link.

At this point, the application link has already been created in Confluence. You can view its details in Application links, including the OAuth credentials in case you needed to access them later.

If you lose your OAuth credentials, you can access them any time in the details of the application link you created.

To view OAuth credentials:

  1. Go to Administration  > General Configuration > Application links.
  2. Find the application link you’re interested in, and select More actions > View credentials.
Last modified on Feb 2, 2023

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