Gadgets allow you to add dynamic content to a Confluence page or Jira application dashboard. Confluence can display gadgets that support the OpenSocial specification, including third party gadgets. 

For more information about Atlassian gadgets, see the introduction to Atlassian gadgets and the big list of Atlassian gadgets.

To see a list of available gadgets in your Confluence site go to Help > Available Gadgets.

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Add a Confluence gadget to a page

We ended support for the following Confluence gadgets in Confluence 7.0:  

These gadgets no longer appear in the macro browser and can't be added to a page. Any gadget already on a page, or used in another application like Jira, will still work.

The Confluence News gadget was removed entirely in Confluence 7.0. This gadget displayed news from Atlassian and hadn't been working for some time. 

If you're wanting to display information within Confluence, we recommend using the following macros as an alternative:

Add a Jira gadget to a page

For displaying basic Jira information, such as issues and charts, we recommend using the Jira Issues Macro and Jira Chart Macro as these macros have better performance and are easier to configure than gadgets. 

If the Jira information you want to display is not available from either of these macros a gadget will likely do the trick. 

To add a Jira Gadget to a Confluence page:

    • In the editor go to Insert > Other Macros.
    • Select the gadget you wish to add, and use the preview area to configure the gadget.
    • Choose Insert.
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If you don't see any Jira Gadgets in the macro browser, ask your Confluence administrator to add the Jira Gadget urls to the list of authorized external gadgets in Confluence, and check that the application link between Confluence and your Jira application is configured correctly. 

Add a Confluence gadget to your Jira application dashboard

To add a Confluence gadget to your Jira dashboard:

  1. Go to the dashboard by selecting the Dashboard link in the header.
  2. On the dashboard, Click Add Gadget.
  3. Use the gadget wizard to choose the gadgets you want to add. 
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If you don't see any Confluence gadgets in the Jira gadget directory, ask your Jira administrator to add the gadget URLs as follows.

To add a Confluence gadget to your Jira application's gadget directory:

  1. In Confluence, go to Help > Available Gadgets and copy the gadget URL for the gadget you want to make available in Jira.
  2. In Jira, go to the dashboard and choose Add Gadget.
  3. Choose Manage Gadgets or Add Gadget to Directory (depending on your Jira application and version) 
  4. Paste in the Confluence gadget URL and choose Add Gadget.

The gadget will now be available from the Jira Gadget Directory.

Last modified on Mar 22, 2022

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