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This tutorial will take you on a journey through Confluence to create and customize spaces, and delete them if you want to, so you can achieve the rank of 'Space Ace'!

You'll need to have the 'Create space' and 'Create personal space' permission to complete this tutorial. If you've just set up Confluence, you won't have any trouble; if you're using an existing instance and you're not an admin, speak to your Confluence admin to make sure you have the right permissions.

Teams in Space

In this tutorial you're a new recruit on the Teams in Space crew, but, even though you're new, you'll be given a lot of responsibility. You need the power to go with it.

Mission brief

You're in charge of organizing information and resources for the planned mission to Mars. There's going to be plenty of important information, and it must be readily available to the people who need it. Some information, though, will be sensitive, and may be 'for your eyes only.' You'll use the power and flexibility of Confluence spaces to organize information, and make sure it's visible to the right people.

Your mission is broken up into the following components:

  • Create a space to house all of the important information related to the mission
  • Create your own space to keep yourself organized
  • Create a public relations space, where you'll introduce your team the world

What's a space?

Well, being an astronaut, I hope you know what space is, but what's a Confluence space all about? It's really just a place to put related things, like information pages and files. But spaces also give you a place to collaborate with groups of people, whether that's your team, people working on a common project, or the whole world.

Every space has its own permissions, allowing you to grant access and other privileges to the right people. They also have a blog, so you can post important messages and updates to whoever can see the space. You can have as many Confluence spaces as you like, and you can archive or delete spaces when you no longer need them.

Enough about that; let's begin.

Start the mission!

Last modified on Jul 29, 2022

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