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Confluence is open by default, however because of the layers of space permissions and page restrictions that can be applied, it isn't always obvious who can see your page. 

If you want to share a page with someone in a different team, for example, it's useful to know whether they have adequate permissions to see it before you share.   

Check who can view a page

To check who can view a page:

  1. Go to 
    More options
     > People who can view
  2. A list of all the people who can view the page will appear.
  3. Start typing a name to filter the list.

People who can view is available in both Confluence Server and Confluence Data Center.

Screenshot: the People who can view dialog showing a list of 5 people. 

Why can these people view? 

The list includes everyone who:

  • is allowed to view the space, via space permissions, and
  • is not prevented from viewing the page by page restrictions.

The list also includes members of the confluence-administrators super group, who can always see all spaces and pages. This means that even if you restrict a page to yourself, it's possible that at least one other person can see it. 

What should I do if someone can't see my page? 

If you want to share your page with a person, and they're not listed, you'll need to work out what is preventing them from viewing the page.

If you restricted the page, add them to the page restrictions, and then check the People who can view list again. 

If they still aren't listed, it's likely they don't have permission to see the space. You'll need to contact a space admin to help with this. Go to Space Tools > Overview for a list of space admins. 

How do I make my page completely private?

The short answer is, you can't. Confluence is designed to be open. It's for sharing work with your team. While you can restrict a page to yourself, it's important to note that:

  • Space administrators always have the ability to remove page restrictions, even from pages they can't see. 
  • People with Confluence Administrator and System Administrator global permissions can't see your pages by default, but they can grant themselves space administrator permission to the space.
  • Members of the confluence-administrators super group can see all spaces and pages. This group grants the highest possible permission in Confluence. Some organisations use this group heavily, while others don't use this group at all.

Disable the People who can view option

People with Confluence Administrator or System Administrator permissions can disable the People who can view option, if they don't want people to be able to see a list of user's names. 

To disable the People who can view option:

  1. Go to <base-url>/admin/plugins/gatekeeper-plugin/global/configuration.action
  2. Deselect Show 'People who can view' option and save the change. 

Last modified on Jul 19, 2023

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