Watch a Calendar

Watching a calendar is a great way to stay up-to-date on changes made in the calendar, without necessarily adding it to your My Calendars page. When you watch a calendar, you'll be sent an email notification when any of the following events occur:

  • A new event is created
  • An existing event is edited
  • An event is deleted
  • The entire calendar is deleted

When you watch a Confluence space it includes watching all calendars in that space, so there's no need to manually watch calendars for your team or project.

Watch a calendar

To watch a calendar, choose 

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 to the right of a calendar name and select WatchNotifications will be sent to your email address.

Stop watching a Calendar

You can also stop watching a calendar, if you no longer want to receive email notifications about changes to the calendar.

To stop watching a calendar, choose

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 to the right of the calendar name and select Stop Watching.

If the menu says 'Watching', you're watching the calendar because you're either watching a page the calendar is embedded on or you're watching the related space for the calendar. To stop watching in this case, you'd need to stop watching the relevant page or space containing the calendar.

Administrators can limit notifications to only people directly watching a calendar. Go to Administration  > General Configuration > Team Calendars and choose Don't notify space or page watchers.

Team Calendars for Confluence is now part of Confluence Data Center
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Last modified on Nov 29, 2022

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