Embed Calendars on Confluence Pages

You can embed a calendar on any page in Confluence, making it easy to track and manage events. When you embed a calendar on a page, the calendar will also appear in the Calendars section of the space the page is in.

Below are a few ways of embedding a calendar on a Confluence page.

  1. Choose Calendars in the Confluence header or space sidebar
  2. Hit the 
    More options
     to the right of the calendar name
  3. Choose Embed
  4. Copy the calendar link provided
  5. Paste the link on any page in Confluence

Add the Team Calendar macro

  1. While editing a page, choose Insert  Team Calendar
  2. Select Add Existing Calendar
  3. Search for and select the calendar and choose Add

See Team Calendar Macro for more information about using this macro.

If you'd like to edit properties for the Macro, choose the Team Calendars Macro that you added to the page and choose Edit .

Team Calendars for Confluence is now part of Confluence Data Center
To get access to the features described on this page upgrade to Confluence Data Center 7.11 or later. Can’t upgrade yet? Depending on your current Data Center version, you can access these features by installing the latest version of the app (
at no cost). See our FAQ for all the details

Last modified on May 25, 2023

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