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Decision pages allow you to make better decisions as a team. When you need to decide on something important, create a decision page to outline the problem and give everyone involved a chance to contribute.

Use the Confluence decision template to provide background on the problem and gather information and opinions from stakeholders. Assign actions to stakeholders to make sure you have all the information you need, track progress toward a solution with the status and date macros. Confluence uses the page properties macro to create a register of all the decision pages you create in a given space.

To create a decision page:

  1. Tap  on the sidebar.
  2. Select Decision, then tap Next.
  3. Add info about the decision and stakeholders, then tap Create.
  4. Tap Publish.

Once you publish your first decision, Confluence will add a decision register to the sidebar for the space:

Customize your template

Decision pages are created from a blueprint template, which means they come bundled with Confluence and are available across your whole site. Blueprint templates can be customized for each space, and the site admin can even change the default blueprint template for your whole site. To learn more about customizing blueprint templates or creating your own templates, see Blueprints and user-created templates

Last modified on Aug 31, 2018

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