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The sidebar is the hub of your Confluence site, letting you find and resume your work, and get updates that are important to you.

The sidebar is made up of three parts:

  • Global sidebar
    That thin blue strip down the left edge—that's the global sidebar. It supports the things you need to do no matter where you are in Confluence: search, create pages, access your profile, and get help. Need to switch over to Jira? Hit the app-switcher—three horizontal lines—to change apps.
  • Confluence sidebar

    Click the site logo at the top-left of the sidebar and you'll see the Confluence sidebar. It helps keep you up to date with what your team's doing, helps you find and resume your work, and gives you quick access to important spaces. If you add a space to your My Spaces list, it'll appear in this sidebar.

    The dashboard sidebar is also where you go to administer Confluence, if that's your role. Click Settings (or the cog icon) to configure Confluence and any add-ons. If you're a site admin, click Site admin to manage users and groups.

    More useful things you can do from the Confluence sidebar:


  • Space sidebar
    Once you visit a space, the space sidebar gives you access to the space overview, pages, blog posts, space tools—for administering the space—and add-on content.

Your content is the main event

To maximize the amount of space for your content, drag the right edge of the space or dashboard sidebar until it collapses into the global sidebar. You'll still have access to the same options, but they'll turn into icons so they don't take up much room.

Try clicking one of the spaces in the sidebar, then return to the Confluence sidebar by clicking the site logo. Even when your shuttle is spinning out of control, the sidebar is there to orient you.

You'll discover more about the sidebar as you get to know Confluence, but, for now, let's move on to the space directory.


Last modified on Feb 3, 2020

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