Add Space Redirects to an Incorrect URL (Confluence 4.2.3 and above)

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After changing the Confluence URL, or the Confluence context path, you are unable to add a space (it keeps redirecting to the old URL).

This affects only Add Space with this popup (Confluence 4.2.3 and above):

After clicking add, you will be redirected to the old URL, which does not exist, hence the space is not created.


First of all, check if the Server Base URL set in Confluence Admin >> General Configuration is correct (set to the URL you use to access Confluence). If it is correct, then proceed to the Resolution below.


The plugin responsible for that Add Space popup is caching the old Server Base URL.


  1. Shutdown Confluence
  2. Remove the following folders from your Confluence Home Directory
    1. bundled-plugins
    2. plugins-osgi-cache
    3. plugins-cache
    4. plugins-temp
  3. Startup Confluence again (the plugin cache will be rebuilt upon startup)

Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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