Cannot edit page: Editing or Deleting a Page That Won't Render

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  • You may be able to access the edit page URL by hitting ctrl+e (for newer version of Confluence, the keyboard shortcut for Page Editing is pressing 'e')
  • If your page does not render anymore after a recent edit, try accessing your browser history and find the links pointed to opening the page in edit mode to remove any recent edits that could cause the issue.

If you have a page that you can't access (for example, due to an incompatible plugin that won't render a macro), you can delete it, edit the page, or revert the page to a previous version by manually entering the appropriate URL. The URLs look like:


Substitute your page ID for the one you wish to delete. To determine the page ID, you may be able to access it from the edit page URL by hitting ctrl+e. If not, you can obtain this information from the database using an SQL query like this:


This may return multiple results if there are pages with the same name in different spaces, so you may have to further determine the correct one.

Alternatively, if you don't know the page ID, you can access the page for editing using an URL like:


(warning) Note that, alternatively, you can get the page id from Confluence GUI itself, when the page is view mode hover the cursor of the 'Edit' button and you will see the page id associated at the bottom left corner. 

To delete an attachment manually, you can use a URL like:


To view the attachments on a page:


Get the page ID similarly.

To get the source (either Wiki Markup, or XHTML) from the database directly, try the instructions at How to Recover Page Content from the Database and Import Using Source Editor

Last modified on Feb 9, 2022

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