Cannot Save Large Pages with Over 700,000 Characters

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  1. When clicking the 'Save' button after editing a large page (i.e 30000 lines), it does not save.
  2. Every time the user clicks the 'Save' button, they are returned to the edit page with a warning that the page must have a title, even if the title was not removed during the edit and is currently present in the text field.

Other errors may also appear such as:

  • Your request could not be processed because a required security token was not present in the request. You may need to re-submit the form or reload the page.
  • A version of this page you were editing at xxxxxxxx was not saved. Do you want to view the change, resume editing or discard it?
  • There was an error loading preview. Please try again later. (when trying to see the preview).



The page is too big to be timely processed by Confluence. Please check  CONF-26241 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for more details.


The workaround is to break down very large pages into sections, create separate pages, and use the include macro to form a single page.




























Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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