Confluence Startup Failed or Scheduled Job Failed Due to ORA-28001

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Normal Confluence functions or startup fails.

The following appears in the atlassian-confluence.log:

ERROR [scheduler_Worker-6] [org.quartz.core.ErrorLogger] schedulerError Unable to notify JobListener(s) of Job to be executed: (Job will NOT be executed!). trigger= com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-edge-index.refreshSearcherJob job= com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-edge-index.refreshSearcherJob

Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-28001: the password has expired


The job scheduled to run the reindexing task is unable to authenticate against the Oracle database and thus fails.


Manually flush items from the queue and force manual rebuild of the index.


  1. Verify that this is a permission issue
    1. Run the following against the DB

      SQL> SELECT username,account_status,expiry_date FROM dba_users;
    2. Make sure that the user that is being used to authenticate had an ACCOUNT_STATUS of OPEN and an EXPIRY_DATE of null or a date far in the future

  2. Obtain the credentials to alter this account

    SQL> SELECT password from sys.user$ where name='<account_name>';

    This gives us the password for the user we wish to change

  3. Force the account status to 'OPEN' by resetting the password of a that user with no options

    SYS> alter user <account_name> identified by values '<hash_value>';
  4. Verify that your ACCOUNT_STATUS is set to open

    SQL> SELECT username,account_status,expiry_date FROM dba_users;
Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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