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When viewing a page in Confluence, the page details such as Creator, Last Modifier, and the time is not displayed in the page. This happens after a system upgrade.

The following appears in the atlassian-confluence.log

2015-03-23 07:37:30,628 ERROR [main] [atlassian.plugin.loaders.ScanningPluginLoader] deployPluginFromUnit Because of the following exception:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The artifact URI file:/path/plugins-cache/1360361403000upload_21a04b2d_13a27c773f4__7f91_00013055.tmp is not a valid plugin artifact


Diagnostic Steps

  • Ensure that there are no customisations in the site (e.g: Layouts, Custom HTML, Stylesheet, modified files)
  • In testing environment, try to TRUNCATE the DECORATOR table (resolution of Confluence 5 global navigation bar gone article)
  • In testing environment, run the following query and restart the instance to see if the issue is caused by any disabled plugins:

    update bandana set bandanavalue = '<map/>' where bandanakey='plugin.manager.state.Map';
  • Clear plugin cache, Clear the content of temp directory located in both Confluence Home and Confluence Installation path, Clear the content of work directory located in Confluence Installation path

  • Hook another fresh vanilla Confluence Installation Directory to your existing Confluence Home Directory and see if the problem persists with a fresh Confluence Installation Directory


The problem seems to be a corrupted Installation Directory. This might be due to the files modified in Installation Directory


  • Stop the current Confluence instance, download and set a new Confluence Installation Directory (same version) to point at the existing Home Directory
  • If the issue persists, please contact to assist you on this case
Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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