Error Loading Macro Browser, Tree View, Insert Image, Page Restrictions and Preview in Confluence 3.2 or Later

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This problem happens in all themes shipped in Confluence 3.2.

  1. Using the macro browser will result in a pop up box saying:
    There has been an error loading the macro browser.
    Please try again or see your system administrator.
    Errors in the logs appear as:
    2010-04-05 18:08:31,000 ERROR [http-80-4] [atlassian.confluence.servlet.ConfluenceServletDispatcher] serviceAction There is no Action mapped for namespace /pages/undefined/plugins/macrobrowser and action name browse-macros
     -- referer: http://localhost/confluence/pages/editpage.action?pageId=27852804 | url: /confluence/pages/undefined/plugins/macrobrowser/browse-macros.action | userName: zed.yap
  2. Clicking on the preview tab causes the preview to spinning indefinitely.
  3. The following warning may also appear when attempting to insert images through the Rich Text editor:
    Error retrieving attachments from Confluence. The server may be unavailable.
  4. The tree view from Browse >> Pages hangs, spinning indefinitely.
  5. The Page Restriction pop-up window will not allow any users to be selected.


A custom main layout (main.vmd) or custom theme exists and has this default line of code missing:

#parse ("/template/includes/global-settings.vm")

Typically, the above line of code should exist in between these lines:

#parse ("/template/includes/status-i18n.vm")


Apply the default line of code to the custom main layout. The end result should look like:

#parse ("/template/includes/status-i18n.vm")
#parse ("/template/includes/global-settings.vm")

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Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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