How can I tell which LDAP attribute is linked to the external_id field in Confluence cwd_user table?

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


In the course of debugging LDAP issues, an admin may need to understand which LDAP attribute is tied to the external_id value in cwd_user table in Confluence.



  • Confluence
  • LDAP


  1. First, find the required LDAP Directory ID:

    Find the effected LDAP Directory ID
    SELECT *
    FROM cwd_directory
  2. Next, use the Directory ID obtained from the previous step to run the following query"  

    Find the LDAP attribute tied to external_id in database table cwd_user
    SELECT *
    FROM cwd_directory_attribute
    WHERE directory_id = '<directory-id-here>'
    AND attribute_name
    LIKE ''
  3. The output for attribute_value is the LDAP attribute that is tied to the external_id value in cwd_user for the affected directory.

  4. The external_id, can also be located under Confluence Support Zip > auth-cfg > directoryConfigurationSummary.txt under correct directory name by locating attribute  "".

Last modified on Jan 14, 2022

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