How Suggestion of Labels Work in Different Content Types

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When entering labels in Confluence, suggested labels will appear underneath the label box.

The label suggestion will show a list of labels that are visible under user's view permission as well as within a space.

Additionally, the labels are suggested according to the conditions below:

1. All labels are suggested within the same space only. You cannot obtain suggested labels from other spaces but the current space you are using.

img-01 : a label created in "A New Space" space.

img-02 : the label "test" is not suggested in a different space.

2. The labels suggested are shared among all pages, blogs and the space.

img-03 : Suggested labels appear from previous labeled space, blogs and pages

3. Attachment labels do not suggest labels and also not suggested when adding labels, but can be found when Searching in Confluence.

img-04 : Labels not suggested even from other attachments of the same page

Personal Space is considered as a space itself.

Last modified on Nov 15, 2018

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