How to change the server ID of Confluence

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To obtain a new server ID to use in a test installation of Confluence. Please note this is not essential. If your test server has the same server ID as production it will not affect your production installation. The separate server ID can however be useful to help the Support team distinguish between your servers.

If you're having trouble setting up an Application Link because of duplicated server IDs, please refer to How to create a cloned Confluence instance with a new server ID and application ID instead.  

Or, if your Server ID is missing, please refer to Server ID Shows as $action.serverId, $action.sid or n.v. for how to insert it.


If you would like to change the server ID on your test installation, you will need to acquire a new server ID for your test environment:

  1. Install a new, temporary instance of Confluence. See Installing Confluence.
    • Choose the the zip file. Do not use the automatic installer.
    • Make sure the installation points to a new empty home directory.
  2. Start the new, temporary Confluence instance. This will create a confluence.cfg.xml in the home directory you specified. Look in this file for the line:

    <property name="">BIBE-YA0Z-8EK6-SS9C</property>

    The above line in your own file will contain a server ID that you can use.

  3. On your test server, go to the <<Confluence-Home>>/confluence.cfg.xml file and replace the existing server ID with the one you have just obtained in the new temporary installation of Confluence.
  4. Check the Server ID in the database here:

    select * from bandana where bandanakey = '';

    And update it if it is not correct (use your own value):

    update bandana set bandanavalue = '<string>BIBE-YA0Z-8EK6-SS9C</string>' where bandanakey = '';
  5. Start up the test server, go to Administration --> License Details and update the license to your developer license that you generated from
Last modified on Aug 6, 2020

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