How to clear customizations from Confluence

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Make sure to back up Confluence's database and installation directory for safety purposes. If this page is being used as a troubleshooting purposes, back up the customization that are instructed to be deleted before deleting them.

  1. Delete any custom HTML in Confluence Admin > Custom HTML.
  2. Delete any custom CSS globally or in spaces (at Confluence Admin / Space Admin > Stylesheet).
  3. Reset any custom layouts configured in Confluence Admin >> Layouts page to the default Layouts.
  4. Ensure that global and/or space theme are using the default or bundled theme.

  5. Ensure that there are no file modifications or files removed (e.g., the mail and activation jar files have to be moved to a different directory in order to activate a mail server) in your installation directory (at  Confluence Admin >> System Information). For example, if any files were removed you would see the following.
  6. Run the following query in your Confluence database:


    The result of this query displays all the custom layouts applied on your Confluence site. If this query returns one or more rows, run the following query to delete all of the custom layouts:

  7. Restart Confluence to pick up any changes
Last modified on Feb 15, 2021

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