How to disable hiding (ellipsing) of breadcrumbs

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To disable the hidden (eclipsing) breadcrumbs trails in Confluence navigation.

Ellipsing enabled

Ellipsing disabled


This is customization to Confluence and as such is considered a 'use at your risk' operation by Atlassian.

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Create a backup of <Confluence install directory>/Confluence/breadcrumbs.vm before enacting the following steps.

  1. Open the velocity template found at <Confluence install directory>/Confluence/breadcrumbs.vm in a text editor
  2. Alter the following line line from
#foreach( $breadcrumb in $breadcrumbs )
  #if ($ellipsisCrumbs.contains($breadcrumb))
    #set ($breadcrumbHidden = true)


to the following

#foreach( $breadcrumb in $breadcrumbs )
  #if (false)
    #set ($breadcrumbHidden = true)

Last modified on Nov 12, 2018

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