How to recover or identify a lost shared draft after disabling collaborative editing in Confluence

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If you've disabled collaborative editing and would like to recover your shared drafts, you can run the following to access them through your browser:


  1. Connect to your Confluence database
  2. Run the following:

    SELECT draft.contentid, s.spacename, draft.title, b.body FROM content draft
            JOIN spaces s on draft.spaceid = s.spaceid
            JOIN bodycontent b on b.contentid = draft.contentid
            JOIN content page on page.contentid = draft.prevver
            WHERE draft.contenttype = 'PAGE'
            AND draft.content_status = 'draft'
            AND draft.lastmoddate > page.lastmoddate;
  3. From the list, identify the title of the page you'd like to recover
  4. Copy the content from the body column

This content will be the XHTML or storage format that Confluence uses to store this information. If you'd like to restore this to a page in your instance, this can be done by installing the Confluence Source Editor plugin. You can then edit an existing page, click on the <> icon in the top right, and paste the XHTML code into the page.

Last modified on Oct 4, 2018

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