How to relocate the Confluence home directory

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There are times when the Confluence home directory might need to be relocated. For example, perhaps the disk containing that directory has run out of space.


 To relocate the home directory, follow the steps below:

Before proceeding, be sure to take note of the definition of Confluence Home and other important directories and Confluence Install Directory.

  1. Stop Confluence.
  2. Backup the Confluence home directory.
  3. Move the Confluence home directory to the new location.
  4. Edit the <confluence-install-directory>/confluence/WEB-INF/classes/ file by changing the confluence.home property to point to the new location:


    Note for Windows Users

    Each backslash in your path must be written as a forward slash.

    For example, c:\confluence\data should be written as c:/confluence/data

    Note for Unix Users

    NOTE: If the path of your confluence.home directory contains symlinks, please set confluence.home to the absolute path, otherwise problems may occur.

    For example, where /data is a symlink to -> /var/data/

    confluence.home=/data/confluence/ should be written as confluence.home=/var/data/confluence

  5. Start Confluence


Last modified on Oct 6, 2016

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