Inherited Page Restrictions Are Not Respected

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Please note that edit restrictions are not inherited, by design. See Page Restrictions for more information.

Assuming the following setup:

|-Parent Page A (restricted to user:jsmith only)
 |-Child Page 1

The child page should also be restricted to jsmith only. However, child page 1 is visible to the all people who have the appropriate space perms.


This was a known bug during upgrade of Confluence 2.9.x - CONF-12911 - Getting issue details... STATUS . It is resolved in 2.10.x. However, the ancestor tables that handle the parent child relationships do not get updated properly, and the problem may persist. This is being tracked at  CONF-25189 - Getting issue details... STATUS  


  1. Visit this URL as an admin:

    http://<confluence address>/admin/permissions/pagepermsadmin.action
  2. Click the button rebuild the ancestor relationships for the Confluence content. Depending on the size of your Confluence instance, this task could take 10 minutes or more to complete.
  3. Flush the Inherited Content Permissons cache so that the rebuilt permissions are picked up. See Cache Statistics.













Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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