Run Confluence as a systemd service on linux

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This article explains how to install Confluence as a systemd service in linux. 


  1. You already have Confluence installed and working, but you need it to function as a service (i.e. start on boot). 
  2. Your existing Confluence installation is running under a user other than root (we'll assume the user is named 'confluence'). 


    1. Login to the machine and elevate to the root user
    2. Create the following service config as root:

      touch /lib/systemd/system/confluence.service
      chmod 664 /lib/systemd/system/confluence.service
    3. Edit the service config as root 

      vi /lib/systemd/system/confluence.service
    4. Define the service config by putting this into confluence.service

      ExecStart=/bin/su confluence <Confluence-Installation-Directory>/bin/

      (info) Note: The above defined 'confluence' in the ExecStart line is the user under which you need to run Confluence. The name of this user may vary in your environment. 

      (info) Note: Change <Confluence-Installation-Directory> with the full path for your installation folder (e.g. /opt/atlassian-confluence-6.2.1 )

    5. Enable and start the service as root

      systemctl daemon-reload
      systemctl enable confluence.service
      systemctl start confluence.service

Last modified on Mar 26, 2018

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