Run Confluence as a systemd service on linux

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This article explains how to install Confluence as a systemd service in linux. 


  1. You already have Confluence installed and working, but you need it to function as a service (i.e. start on boot). 
  2. Your existing Confluence installation is running under a user other than root (we'll assume the user is named 'confluence'). 


    1. Login to the machine and elevate to the root user
    2. Create the following service config as root:

      touch /lib/systemd/system/confluence.service
      chmod 664 /lib/systemd/system/confluence.service
    3. Edit the service config as root 

      vi /lib/systemd/system/confluence.service
    4. Define the service config by putting this into confluence.service

      ExecStart=/bin/su confluence /opt/atlassian-confluence/bin/

      (info) Note: The above defined 'confluence' in the ExecStart line is the user under which you need to run Confluence. The name of this user may vary in your environment. 


    5. Enable and start the service as root

      systemctl daemon-reload
      systemctl enable confluence.service
      systemctl start confluence.service


Last modified on Sep 8, 2017

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