Unable to Setup an External Database During Installation

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When setting up a new installation of Confluence, you may receive the following message:

Configuring the database failed. Couldn't create the database schema.

Schema creation complete, but database tables don't seem to exist.

At the same time you will see the following in atlassian-confluence.log file:

2016-09-14 12:24:43,726 ERROR [http-nio-8090-exec-7] [confluence.setup.actions.AbstractSetupDatabaseAction] setupDatabase Unable to bootstrap standard database
 -- referer: http://localhost:8090/setup/setupstandarddb-start.action?database=mssql | url: /setup/setupstandarddb.action | traceId: 00f053c9ed68f92b | userName: anonymous | action: setupstandarddb
com.atlassian.config.bootstrap.BootstrapException: Schema creation complete, but database tables don't seem to exist. 


This message appears after selecting an external database, and providing your database connection details. The database tables are not created.


You may have attempted to run the Confluence Setup Wizard previously, or are using a home directory that has existing contents.


The <confluence-home> directory is not empty. When running the setup wizard, you should ensure that you have an empty home directory and database, as the setup wizard is designed for installing Confluence from scratch.


If you're not attempting to install Confluence, and you're seeing the support Wizard, please contact Atlassian Support.

Last modified on Sep 14, 2016

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