Users are not able to access pages from a space although the permissions are already granted

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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


After adding a group to the permissions of the space, members of it are not able to view its content due to a restriction issue message:

You've stumbled on restricted content


  • As a member of the group added to the permissions, make sure that you can view content like the information on the sidebar of the space (I.E. Overview, Blog, Space settings) is visible.
  • Make sure that the message states "You've stumbled on restricted content" instead of "You've stumbled on a restricted space".


Although users can be added to permissions of spaces in order to view its content, it is necessary to make sure that the pages (in this case, the "Overview/Home" page of the space) will also have the group included on its restrictions as it will be propagated to children pages.

For this case, the group is not added to the restrictions of the home page of the space, making all of the child pages of it not be visible nor accessible.


The group must be added to the page restrictions or all the restrictions must be removed in order to have the page (and its child ones) accessible to the members. Different alternatives can be used for this matter:

Remove the existing restrictions

As an administrator of the space, the option to remove restrictions from pages can be used:

  1. Tap space settings on the sidebar.
  2. There, look for Permissions (or Manage pages)
  3. Select Restricted pages
  4. Tap each of the padlocks for the View restrictions on the page in question.

As a quick tip, using right-click > Open in a new tab for each of the padlocks will make it faster as tapping it will redirect to the Page information part of the page. The GIF below demonstrates how it is done (on a test instance):

Admin key (Premium and Enterprise plans only)

When using Enterprise or Premium plans for Confluence, accessing page restrictions will prompt the Admin key to be used by site admins. In this case, tapping the View now button from the banner while viewing a restricted page will grant access to it, allowing the restrictions to be modified.

Add the group to the restrictions

If the administrator/user already has access to the pages, simply navigating to the padlock of the page restrictions at the top-right (while viewing the page) and then, tapping Remove for each view restriction should do the trick. Alternatively, adding the group that should have access to it will also do the trick.

Last modified on Nov 16, 2021

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