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When troubleshooting problems with your Crowd installation, it is often useful to turn on performance profiling.

To enable profiling, in the top navigation bar, go to > Logging & profiling. Full instructions are in the section on logging and profiling

With performance profiling turned on, your system output console will show a record of the time it takes (in milliseconds) to complete each Crowd action. This will help with diagnosing performance problems. The resulting output will be large, so you should not enable it for long periods.Here is an example of the performance profiling output, when search for and viewing a user via the Crowd Administration Console:

[15ms] - AOP: SecurityServer.findPrincipalByToken()

[15ms] - AOP: SecurityServer.isValidPrincipalToken()

[15ms] - AOP: SecurityServer.isValidPrincipalToken()
  [15ms] - AOP: SOAPService.validateSOAPService()

[15ms] - AOP: SecurityServer.isValidPrincipalToken()

[16ms] - AOP: SecurityServer.getDomain()
  [16ms] - AOP: SOAPService.validateSOAPService()
Last modified on Oct 11, 2021

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