1.1 How CrowdID works with Crowd

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CrowdID is a free add-on that ships with Crowd versions 1.1 and later. It gives administrators a secure way to provide OpenID accounts for their users.

Crowd is a middleware application that connects web applications (such as CrowdID, Jira and Confluence) to specified directories (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP). For details please see Concepts in the Administration Guide.

This means that:

  • CrowdID is a Crowd-connected application.
  • CrowdID users are authenticated against Crowd-connected directories.
  • If a user has already logged into any other Crowd-connected application (and single sign-on is enabled), they will not be prompted for any further login once they have entered their OpenID URL at an OpenID-enabled website.
  • Multiple CrowdID instances can use one Crowd instance. Large organizations often find this useful.

CrowdID is automatically installed when you install Crowd. When you start Crowd for the first time and run the Setup Wizard, you will be offered the option of configuring CrowdID. If you choose not to setup CrowdID at that time, you can always set it up later as described in 4. Configuring CrowdID system settings. Note that you will also need to define the CrowdID application in Crowd, and map it to an appropriate directory — for details please see the Administration Guide.To access CrowdID, go to http://localhost:8095/openidserver.


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Last modified on May 17, 2022

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