6.3 Setting a default profile

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If you have more than one profile, you can choose one of them as default.

Effect of the 'default' profile when you are logging in to a website:

  • If you have never logged in to the website before or have previously allowed or denied authentication to that site, the default profile will be pre-selected. You can still choose a different profile during the login.
  • If you have set the website to 'Always Allow', CrowdID will use the profile selected for the site on the Approved Sites page.

To set a default profile,

  1. Access CrowdID.
  2. Click 'Profiles' in the left-hand navigation panel.
  3. Select the required profile in the 'Profile' dropdown list
  4. Click the 'Make Default' link next to the 'Profile' dropdown list.
    (info) The 'Make Default' link does not appear if the selected profile is already the default.
  5. The word '(default)' appears next to the profile name in the dropdown list.

Screenshot: CrowdID setting a default profile


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Last modified on May 17, 2022

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