Requesting usernames

You can go to the Crowd 'Login' screen and ask Crowd to email you your username(s). This is useful when you have forgotten your username. Crowd will send a message to the email address you specify, containing all the usernames that are registered for that email address.

To request your username(s)

  1. Open Crowd in your web browser. In most cases, you will do this by typing an address like this one into the browser's address bar:


    Replace 'YOUR-CROWD-LOCATION' with the address of your Crowd server. (Ask your Crowd administrator for this address.)

  2. The Crowd login screen appears.
  3. Click Forgot your password?
  4. Select I have forgotten my username.
  5. Enter your Crowd username and click the Continue.

    If you email address is recognized, you will receive a message with your username in it. 

Last modified on May 17, 2022

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