Restarting the Setup Wizard from Scratch

If you get part-way through the Crowd Setup Wizard and then decide you want to start again from scratch, you can delete the Crowd Home directory. (See Important directories and files.)

Crowd uses the crowd.cfg.xml file, stored in the Crowd Home directory, to 'remember' the step you have reached in the setup procedure. Clearing the file will cause the Setup Wizard to start at the beginning again.

This strategy is useful if you want to re-do your setup without having to download Crowd again.

To restart the Crowd Setup Wizard:

  1. Shut down Crowd.
  2. Delete your Crowd Home directory.
  3. Start Crowd again.
  4. Go go http://localhost:8095/crowd.
  5. The Crowd Setup Wizard will start. Follow the steps from the beginning, as described in Running the Setup Wizard.

    Embedded database will disappear too

    If you are using the embedded database, the database files are stored in the Crowd Home directory too. Deleting the Crowd Home directory will remove all your Crowd Administration Console data as well (users, groups, roles, directories, applications and other configuration data).

Last modified on Sep 29, 2023

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