Crowd SSO Error with Google Apps

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The following error appears when you try to access Google Apps with Crowd SSO:

SAML Error: SAMLRequest is not Base64 encoded: fVJNT%2BMwEL2vtP8h8r1Jw5eQ1QR1QYhKwEY07GFvgz1JTR1P8Dgt%2FHvcFAQcQPLp%2Bfl9jGd29tzZZIOeDblC5OlUJOgUaePaQtzXl5NTcVb%2B%2FjVj6Gwv50NYuTt8GpBDEl86luNFIQbvJAEblg46ZBmUXM5vruVBOpW9p0CKrEgWF4XQqPVj5%2FoWqG3gwTjlyDQKcG1Bm6bXa2dovUKR%2FHuPdbCLtWAecOE4gAsRmuZHk%2BlpPHV%2BIvN


The incoming string has been URL escaped, possibly due to proxy.


The following workaround can be applied if you are using an Apache proxy server:

  • Add the nocanon option to ProxyPass in the proxy configuration. This will pass the URL path "raw" to the backend, which will prevent the escaping. For example:

    ProxyPass /foo nocanon
  •  Add the [NE,R] flag to the RewriteRule. This will prevent the special characters, such as & and ?, from being converted to their equivalent hexcode.

    RewriteRule <PATTERN>  [NE,R]
Last modified on Feb 19, 2016

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