Error: "Table 'crowd.REMOTEGROUP' doesn't exist" After Migrating Crowd Database From Another Server

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Crowd does not start up properly after undergo a database migration task. The following error appeared on the login page:

An error occurred when querying the database <Table 'crowd.REMOTEGROUP' doesn't exist>

The following appears in the atlassian-crowd.log

/opt/crowd/logs/atlassian-crowd.log:2015-03-17 09:36:30,808 localhost-startStop-1 INFO[migration.legacy.database.DatabaseMigrationManager] Legacy Crowd version detected <216>.
/opt/crowd/logs/atlassian-crowd.log:2015-03-17 09:36:30,808 localhost-startStop-1 INFO[crowd.migration.verify.SupportedDatabaseVerifier] Checking if database can be automatically migrat
/opt/crowd/logs/atlassian-crowd.log:2015-03-17 09:36:30,808 localhost-startStop-1 INFO[crowd.migration.verify.LegacyDatabaseVerifier] Checking legacy database for data validity.
/opt/crowd/logs/atlassian-crowd.log:2015-03-17 09:36:30,936 localhost-startStop-1 ERROR[migration.legacy.database.DatabaseMigrationManager] An in-place upgrade is not possible for your
database, for the following reasons: An error occurred when querying the database <Table 'crowd.REMOTEGROUP' doesn't exist>
/opt/crowd/logs/atlassian-crowd.log:2015-03-17 09:36:30,937 localhost-startStop-1 FATAL[crowd.console.listener.StartupListener] Errors experienced during the Crowd upgrade process: [An error occurred when querying the database <Table 'crowd.REMOTEGROUP' doesn't exist>]


Crowd does not have the table crowd.REMOTEGROUP since Crowd 2.0.


It seems like Crowd is trying to perform an upgrade task. It assumes that this is an upgrade process from a really old version of Crowd where the table crowd.REMOTEGROUP still exists.


Do the following:

  1. Shut down Crowd
  2. Go to Crowd_Home_Directory
  3. Locate crowd.cfg.xml
  4. Try to modify the following lines:


    Change the build number to your current version's build number. Cross reference from this documentation: Crowd Build and Version Numbers Reference

  5. For example, change the above line to look like the following if the Crowd's version is Crowd 2.8.0:

  6. Restart Crowd and check if the issue persist.


Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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