How to recover the deleted 'crowd-administrators' group

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There is a bug that allows the 'crowd-administrators' group to be deleted. Afterward, administrators will no longer have access to Crowd.  This How-To article tells you how to recover when it is mistakenly deleted.

The bug is reported in  CWD-1661 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


  1. Recreate 'crowd-administrators' group

    insert into cwd_group(id, group_name, lower_group_name, active, is_local, created_date, updated_date, description, group_type, directory_id)
     values ( '888888','crowd-administrators','crowd-administrators','T','F','2015-09-25 12:20:29','2015-09-25 12:20:29',NULL,'GROUP',(select id from cwd_directory where directory_type='INTERNAL'));
  2. Find the ID of users who will join 'crowd-administrators' group

    select * from cwd_user;
  3. Recreate group memberships, replacing <id from step 2> in the code. You need to execute the SQL query multiple time according to the number of users you want to join to 'crowd-administrators' group

    insert into cwd_membership (id, parent_id, child_id, membership_type, group_type, parent_name, lower_parent_name, child_name, lower_child_name, directory_id) 
     values (777777, (select id from cwd_group where group_name='crowd-administrators' and directory_id=(select id from cwd_directory where directory_type='INTERNAL')), <id from step 2>, 'GROUP_USER', 'GROUP', 'crowd-administrators', 'crowd-administrators', <user_name from step 2>, <lower_user_name from step 2>, (select id from cwd_directory where directory_type='INTERNAL'));
  4. Find the directory-to-application mapping

    select, m.application_id, m.directory_id from cwd_app_dir_mapping m join cwd_directory d
     on m.directory_id = join cwd_application a
     on m.application_id =
      where d.directory_type='INTERNAL' and a.application_type = 'CROWD';
  5. Give the group access to the application, replacing <id from Step 4>, <application_id from Step 4>, and <directory_id from Step 4>

    insert into cwd_app_dir_group_mapping (id, app_dir_mapping_id, application_id, directory_id, group_name)
     values (898990, <id from Step 4>, <application_id from Step 4>, <directory_id from Step 4>, 'crowd-administrators');
  6. Enable System Administrator flag for 'crowd-administrators'

    insert into cwd_granted_perm (id, created_date, permission_id, app_dir_mapping_id, group_name)
     values ('999999', '2015-09-25 12:20:29', 2, <id from Step 4>, 'crowd-administrators');

Last modified on Apr 18, 2018

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