Crucible 4.0 release notes

15 March 2016

We're very pleased to announce the release of Crucible 4.0. For this release we've made user directories management more powerful and improved blame information rendering.

If you are updating an earlier version of Crucible, please read the Crucible upgrade guide and the End of Support Announcements for Crucible. The Crucible 4.0 changelog is below.


Improved user directories management

User directories management

With Crucible 4.0 we offer you a brand new user directories management mechanism that significantly enhances remote user sources handling and is free of many known problems with LDAP and remote Crowd server synchronization. Moreover, user directories management is now consistent with other Atlassian products such as JIRA, Confluence or Bitbucket Server. You're free to define any number of user directories (local, LDAP, external JIRA, external Crowd) and configure them to fit your needs. Read more about External user directories in the FishEye documentation.


Global permissions

Another important improvement is the introduction of a global permissions mechanism that replaces the existing flags that controlled access to FishEye and Crucible on a per-user basis. Now, you can assign any group one or both permissions, which will effectively grant all group members access to FishEye or Crucible. Read more about Global permissions.


Blame rendering changes

Blames are the annotations available when viewing source files or diffs that allow you to see who last modified a line of code and in which revision. In Crucible 4.0 we've built on the blame rendering improvements begun in 3.10. We decided to hide blame information by default to reduce page load time. Blames can be shown at any time by hitting the Blame button. 

Small improvements

Crucible 4.0 ships with the new Application Links plugin which brings a new and enhanced user experience. Read more about the new Application Links.

Change log

This section will contain information about the Crucible 4.0 minor releases as they become available. These releases will be free to all customers with active Crucible software maintenance.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Crucible, please read the Crucible upgrade guide and the End of Support Announcements for Crucible.

The issues listed below are just the highlights of all those that have been resolved for the Crucible 4.0.x releases.

6 May 2016 - Crucible 4.0.4

T Key Summary

23 March 2016 - Crucible 4.0.3

T Key Summary

18 March 2016 - Crucible 4.0.2

This release contains bug fixes shared between FishEye and Crucible. See FishEye 4.0.2 release notes for details.

16 March 2016 - Crucible 4.0.1

T Key Summary

15 March 2016 - Crucible 4.0.0

T Key Summary

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