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A plan defines everything about your build process, including what gets built, how the build is triggered and what jobs are executed.

This page describes how to:

Note, you need the Create User or Admin global permission to create or clone a plan.

Creating a new plan

To create a new Bamboo Plan:

  1. Click Create > Create a new plan in the top menu bar. Complete the build plan details on the Configure plan page:

    ProjectThe name of your build project
    Plan nameThe name of your build plan
    Plan keyThe key for your build plan
    Plan descriptionA brief description of the build plan's function or purpose
  2. Choose from either previously used repositories, or link to a new repository:

    If you want to link a new repository, select your code repository host from the options:

    StashAn enterprise Git repository tool by Atlassian. Learn more...
    BitbucketA free code DVCS hosting site for Git and Mercurial. Learn more...

    A range of other repository hosts is also supported:

    You may need to supply additional information depending on your code repository. Go to the next step when done.

    If you have previously linked a repository, then you may select it again, search for an alternative host or link a new one. Use the repository picker to select one of your existing linked repositories. Click Configure plan and you are done. You can now configure the tasks required by your build plan and jobs. Learn more about Jobs and tasks for build plans.

  3. Select the repository and branch for your plan. Note: These details are mandatory.
  4. Specify access to the repository. You may choose from:

    Allow all users to reuse the configuration of this repositoryAll user access. This is the default access setting
    Only you are allowed to reuse the configuration of this repositoryLimit access to just yourself
  5. You can now configure the tasks required by your build plan and jobs. Learn more about Jobs and tasks for build plans.

Cloning an existing plan

When you clone an existing plan, you make a copy of that plan and its entire configuration with the exception of any branches.

To clone an existing plan:

  1. Click Create >  Clone an existing plan in the top menu bar.
  2. Use Plan to clone to select a plan. Only plans for which you have the 'Clone' and/or 'Admin' plan permission are shown.
  3. Choose an existing project for the plan, or create a new project.
  4. Enter details for the new plan.
  5. Choose whether to enable this plan. Enabling the plan instructs Bamboo to start running builds of the plan, based on the plan's trigger configuration.
  6. When you click Create, the 'Plan Summary' page for the new plan will be displayed. Bamboo will automatically run an initial build for your new plan.