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Deployment variables

Bamboo manages a number of standard reserved variables that are available during deployment executions. 

Variables later in the following list override the previous ones in case of repeating names:

  • global variables
  • release variables as defined below
  • user variables defined at environment level
  • the autogenerated variables in the following table:
bamboo.agentIDThe id of the agent that the deployment is executed on.
bamboo.agentWorkingDirectoryThe path to the working directory on the agent. This is not the same as the Bamboo working directory. path to the working directory for Bamboo. This is used by both the build plan and the deployment project.
bamboo.deploy.environmentThe name of the environment that the release is to be deployed to.
bamboo.deploy.projectThe name of the deployment project.
bamboo.deploy.rollbackTrue if the release being deployed is older than the release being replaced.



The name of the release that is being deployed. Either .release or .version can be used - both return the name of the release being deployed.



The name of the release that is being replaced (if available). Either .release or .version can be used - both return the name of the release being replaced.
bamboo.resultsUrlThe URL to the screen in Bamboo that dispays build results.

For Bamboo variables to do with build plans, and releases, see Bamboo variables.

Configuring variables for deployment environments

Deployment environment variables are configured as part of the Other settings section of the environment panel.

To configure an environment variable:

  1. Open your deployment project and expand the relevant environment panel. In the Other settings section, click Variables:
  2. Enter a valid key and value into the relevant fields in the Variables screen.
  3. Click on Add to add the variable scheme
  4. You can remove unwanted variables by clicking the relevant cross icon on the right of the Variables screen.
  5. Click Back to deployment project to return.
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