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Bamboo provides a way to verify that remote agents are allowed to connect to the Bamboo server. This provides improved security for sensitive information in Bamboo.

  • Bamboo prevents unknown remote agents from connecting to the Bamboo server.
  • Remote agents need to be manually approved by an administrator before they can communicate with the Bamboo server in any way.

(info) Note that Elastic agents do not have to be approved.

Authenticating remote agents

There are 2 aspects to the authentication of remote agents. Both of these are actioned in the administration 'Agents' screen.

To navigate there: 

  1. Click the  icon in the Bamboo header and choose Overview.
  2. Then select Agents (under 'Build Resources').

1. Enable remote agent authentication on the Bamboo server

To do this, click Enable Remote Agent Authentication, and then Confirm.

2. Approve access for a particular remote agent

To do this, click on the Agent Authentication tab (under 'Remote Agents').

See Bamboo remote agent installation guide for details about installing a remote agent.

Screenshot: Approving access for a remote agent


  • If the agent's IP address changes, perhaps because DHCP is being used, then you will have to reapprove the agent when it next tries to connect using that different IP address.
  • If you revoke access for a connected agent, the agent will remain connected and will continue to run. However, if the agent is subsequently restarted, it will not be able to connect.
  • If you enable remote agent authentication, having previously revoked access for connected agents and disabled remote agent authentication, then you get the option to approve access for all connected agents at once. If you don't approve this, the agents stay connected and continue to run, but you will need to manually approve them when they next try to connect.

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