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A Bamboo agent is a service that can run job builds. There are two types of Bamboo agents:

(info) Local agents run in the Bamboo server's process, i.e. in the same JVM as the server. Each remote agent runs in its own process, i.e. has its own JVM.

Each agent has a defined set of capabilities and can only run builds for jobs whose requirements match the agent's capabilities.

Remote agent support

Disabling remote agent support in Bamboo will disable all remote agents and prevent any users from creating new remote agents. This function will not delete any remote agents that you have already created. To delete a remote agent, see Disabling or deleting an agent.

Note that remote agent support must be enabled to use Elastic Bamboo. Disabling remote agent support will disable Elastic Bamboo.

To enable, or disable, remote agent support:

  1. Click the  icon in the Bamboo header and choose Overview.
  2. Click Agents (under 'Build Resources')
  3. Click either Enable Remote Agent Support or Disable Remote Agent Support.

Screenshot: Disabling remote agent support 

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