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This page describes how to configure the requirements of a job.

A requirement is specified in a job or a task. A requirement specifies a capability that an agent must have for it to build that job or task. A job inherits all of the requirements specified in its tasks.

Together, capabilities and requirements control which agents can execute builds for particular jobs. Each job can only be built by agents whose capabilities match the job's requirements.

There are four types of capabilities in Bamboo that can be specified by job and task requirements:

Before you can specify a requirement in your job, you must first define that capability in your Bamboo system.

Specifying extra requirements for a job

A job will inherit the requirements of its tasks by default. However, you can specify extra requirements for a job, in addition to its task requirements.

To specify extra requirements for a job:

  1. Navigate to the desired job's configuration pages, as described on Configuring jobs.
  2. Click the Requirements tab (see screenshot below). This page shows a list of all the job's current requirements and the number of 'Matching Agents' and 'Matching Images' (i.e. agents/elastic images which meet the job's requirements and can run a build for this job). See Viewing current capable agents below for more information.
  3. If you have previously set up an agent capability, you can select it from the Requirement list in the 'Add Extra Requirement' section. If you are setting up a new custom requirement, select New custom requirement from that list instead.
  4. Complete the form for the requirement:
    1. Key(new custom requirement only) — enter a key of the new capability.
    2. Select the value for the requirement from the list:
      • exists — this job can be built by any agent that has a capability with the same key.
      • equals — this job can be built by any agent that has the capability with the same key and value.
      • matches — this job can be built by any agent that has a capability with the same key, and the value matches the regular expression.  For more information about regular expressions, see Oracle's tutorial on regular expressions.
  5. Click Add. The numbers of 'Matching Agents' and 'Matching Images' will be updated, as the plan can now only be built by agents with capabilities that meet the new custom requirement you have specified.

Screenshot: Specifying requirements for a job

Viewing current capable agents

To view details about agents or elastic images that are currently able to build your job:

  1. On the job's Requirements tab (described above), click the name of the requirement in the table (e.g. 'Maven 2').
  2. The summary page for the capability will be displayed, showing the agents and elastic images that have the capability. See Viewing a capability's agents and jobs for more information.