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Bamboo provides a report generator that enables you to compare build statistics across one or more plans, using a variety of different metrics.

Generating plan reports

To report on build statistics per plan:

  1. Click Reports in the top menu bar. 
  2. Set the report parameters:

    ReportChoose from the available reports, shown below. Additional reports may have been configured by your Bamboo administrator.
    Build plansChoose the plans on which you want to report. You can use the <Ctrl> key to select multiple plans.
    Group ByChoose the time scale for the horizontal axis.
    Date FilterChoose the time period on which to report. Use Select Range to set a custom range.
  3. Click Submit.

Plan report types

Some of the standard plan report types are illustrated below.

Build activity

Build duration

Percentage of successful builds

Time to fix

Number of tests

Number of build failures

Clover lines of code

Clover code coverage