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If your organization uses the Atlassian Clover code-coverage tool, Bamboo can record code-coverage details (i.e. the percentage of code covered by tests) for each build result.

This is only available if the build's plan specifies a Clover directory (for details please refer to the Enabling the Clover add-on).

Clover HTML report for a job

Where Clover generates an HTML report (created by default in automatic integration), you can examine the report in the build job summary page. To view the report:

  1. Go to the plan summary.
  2. Select the relevant build number.
  3. Select the appropriate job.
  4. Click the Clover tab to open the report. If a job produces more than one report, a list is shown and you can switch between them.

Screen shot: the Clover tab for Bamboo 5.6.1 and later

Screen shot: the Clover tab for Bamboo 5.6.0 and earlier. Only one report is shown. You can access other reports using the Artifacts tab.


The Clover tab is not available on the Build summary page - you must navigate to the Job summary (BAM-12852).

Clover statistics report for a job

If your build generates a Clover XML report but not the HTML report, then the Clover Report artifact is not available on the Artifacts tab, however the build job summary page will contain a few code coverage statistics:

  1. Go to the plan summary.
  2. Select the relevant build number.
  3. Select the appropriate job.
  4. Click the Clover tab to open the report:

(warning) TIP: This usually happens for manual Clover integration. In case you want to see full Clover report, configure it as described on Enabling the Clover add-on page.


The content of the Clover HTML report is discussed in detail on the Clover Documentation Home - 4. Understanding Reports page. For completeness, an example Clover Code Coverage HTML report is shown below.


The Clover tab shows the directory listing instead of the HTML report

Please check how your Tomcat is configured to handle URLs pointing to directories. When an URL refers to a directory, Tomcat can show the directory listing, display a welcome file or issue a "404 Page Not Found" error. Disable the directory listing feature. See Tomcat documentation for more details.