This is the documentation for Clover 3.3. View this page for the

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of Clover, or visit the latest Clover documentation.

(warning) Before you begin, please see the Clover Release Notes and the Clover-for-Ant Changelog.

Clover Upgrade Guide for Ant

We've taken care to make upgrading Clover straightforward.

Follow these simple steps to upgrade Clover-for-Ant:

1. Replace your existing clover.jar with the new clover.jar
You can do this by simply replacing the the old .jar file with the new .jar file.

2. Obtain and install a Clover license
When you run Clover, output similar to the following will appear:

[clover] Clover Version x.x, built on ...
[clover] Loaded from: c:/ant/lib/clover.jar

3. Delete any existing Coverage database
The Clover database is created at the location specified in the initstring attribute of <clover-setup>.


In the current version of Clover, the initstring parameter is now optional. We recommend leaving it unspecified unless you want to explicitly control where Clover writes its database file.

Please also read the Clover for Ant Best Practices.

Clover-for-Ant Groovy Integration

If you already have Clover installed in an existing Java project, wish to integrate Groovy code into this project and use Clover-for-Ant's code coverage features on this code, simply follow the steps above to update your existing clover.jar file. After doing this, conduct a full, clean build.

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