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Welcome to the Clover troubleshooting space! Search only the Clover Knowledge Base from the search on the left hand side, browse the page tree for specific areas, or subscribe to the RSS feeds below to get version-specific alerts from the Atlassian Support team. To learn about the subscription options, select the "Visit the complete list of known issues" link in the version-appropriate box below.

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Page: "Could not initialize class" error at runtime Page: Can't connect to window server - not enough permissions thrown when building clover report. Page: Can't measure coverage using merged database Page: Clover.db is not generated at location specified by initString Page: Clover error while compiling- Unexpected token... Does Clover support enums? Page: Clover fails to load a license in Bamboo Page: Clover registry file <path/to/clover.db> does not exist Page: Coverage appears incorrect and code is not being matched to tests, per-test coverage Page: Duplicate class errors with Clover and JAXB or JAXB2 plugin Page: Duplicate class errors with Clover and jaxws-maven plugin Page: Generating Clover reports takes a long time Page: Generating reports is not allowed Page: Grails application with Clover fails with 'No signature of method' exception Page: Grails application with Clover fails with java.lang.VerifyError Page: How to capture Clover's logging to a file when my instrumented application is running Page: HTML report generation takes a very long time Page: Ignoring coverage recording Page: Inner classes of test classes shown as source code Page: Internal server error when opening Clover tab in Bamboo Page: IOException during generation of HTML report Page: Java 8 code instrumented by Clover fails to compile Page: Maven 2 plugin fails with cannot find symbol exception when defining two locations for source files Page: Maven is deploying instrumented jars Page: Multi-module Maven build on Bamboo with Clover history reports Page: NoClassDefFoundError com_cenqua_clover/CoverageRecorder Page: OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space Page: OutOfMemoryError Java Heap Space when using the Clover Command Line Tools Page: Properties such as Excludes is not being passed on to antcall tasks Page: Unable to generate HTML reports due to java.lang.OutOfMemoryError Page: Using external javac compiler causes classes to not be instrumented with Clover Page: Warning about older Clovered artifact version during multi-module Maven build