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This page contains instructions on preparing a multi-module project for remote deployment with Clover-for-Maven 2.

To prepare a multi-module project with Clover-for-Maven 2,

  1. Instrument the source with Clover and generate EAR/WAR file, then include the clover.jar file in the lib directory.
  2. Deploy to application server and ensure Clover can find the registry at runtime.
  3. Copy the database, the clover.db file to a directory in the test machine and specify the location in the Clover initstring. For details, see Documentation on setting Clover initstring.
  4. If the project contains sub-modules, copy each database with its directory. For example:
    Copy the text above into a location (as specified in the clover initstring) in the test machine. Alternatively, create databases with different names.
  5. After the tests, copy all the databases to the build machine, run an aggregate goal (merge databases) and generate the reports from there.
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