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If you are authorised to use Crowd, you can log in to Crowd's Self-Service Console and change your password.

When attempting to log in to Crowd, you can also ask to reset your password. This is useful if you have forgotten the old one.

Password change applies to one user directory only

In most cases, your username will be defined in one user directory only. But some organisations may have more than one user directory. For example, your username may be defined in Crowd for JIRA use, and also in another Crowd-connected directory (e.g. LDAP) for use in another application. If you change your password, the new password will apply only in one directory: the directory mapped to the 'crowd' application and defined as first in the directory sequence. Your Crowd administrator can define the order of the directories, as described in the Crowd Administration Guide.


Logging in to Crowd
Crowd User Guide