When you run the Crowd Setup Wizard, you will be asked to choose a database and provide configuration settings for that database. It will make things easier if you have created the database and deployed the database driver before you start the Setup Wizard.

Follow the instructions below to set up PostgreSQL for Crowd.

1. Configure PostgreSQL

  1. Create a database user which Crowd will connect as (for example, crowduser).
  2. Create a database for Crowd to store data in (for example, crowddb).
  3. Ensure that the user has permission to connect to the database, can create database objects and can create roles.

2. Copy the PostgreSQL Driver to your Application Server

This step is only required if you have downloaded the WAR distribution of Crowd.


  1. Download the PostgreSQL JDBC driver from http://jdbc.postgresql.org/download.html and save i t locally for later use.
    (warning) Internet Explorer may rename the file extension from '.jar' to '.zip' when you download it. If you are using Internet Explorer, please rename the file so that it has a '.jar' extension after downloading it.
  2. Add the PostgreSQL JDBC driver jar to the following directory:
    • For Crowd distribution:
      • Crowd 2.0.2 or later: {CROWD_INSTALL}/apache-tomcat/lib/.
      • Crowd 2.0.1 or earlier: {CROWD_INSTALL}/apache-tomcat/common/lib/.
    • For Crowd WAR distribution, copy the driver JAR to your application server. For example, on Tomcat:
      • Tomcat 5.5.x: common/lib/.
      • Tomcat 6.x: lib/.

Next Steps

Complete the Crowd installation, then start Crowd and run the Setup Wizard as described in the Installation Guide.